Saturday, September 15, 2012

Babies, Babies, Babies

First, came Ethan James Houghton
This little guy was in a hurry to get here! He is one cute blondie. His mom, Megan, and I were roommates a few years ago and still remain great friends. The day before Ethan was born, we went out to dinner and Megan was having, what WE thought "small" contractions. Come to find out later that it was the real thing! I got a text at about 2:00 AM saying they were on their way to the hospital! I had to be to work the next morning at 6:30 for graduation, and I was done for the day at 10. I called Megan to see if i could come see the new babe at the hospital, but when i called, she was JUST starting to push. They had me come up to take pictures, and I barely had enough time to turn on the camera when he started to come. It was such a cool experience to see this little miracle. We're pretty good buddies.
Next, came our little Remmy Pearl Aponte! 
Weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs. She is teeny tiny with the darkest, softest hair. She took her SWEET time coming into this world. OOh our family is in love with this little girl. Livv and Easty are the best big sister and brother. Livvie thinks Remmy drinks milk from her mom's tummy, haha. She says the funniest things. It was so cute to watch her stare at her new little look-a-like. Jill even used the fabric bunting I made for Remm's newborn pics!
I can't wait to head back north to see my fav nieces and nephew!
Then came Little Miss Adley's blessing! She is Jaren's cousin and oh so cute! I have the best second family in the whole world. We're a proud uncle and aunt... JK --- just cousins. But we'll claim her!
NEXT up -- a new little baby for Tina and Jon Daniels! 
Tina and I were roommates a LONG time ago at BYU-Idaho our freshmen year of college. We were soo poor and still joke about how we used to pay our groceries in couch money. We were so cute back in 2007!
After struggling with infertility, they have finally decided to adopt and I could not be more happy for them! Today is the big Adoption Yard Sale to help raise money, since adopting is extremely expensive. Jaren and I were up at 5:30 AM to help set up. These two people are some of our dearest friends and would make the best parents. Go to their website if you'd like to donate to their adoption fund:
I'll be sure to let you know of any other baby announcements ;) None from us yet! ;) As you can see... I'm definitely baby hungry, but that's been going on since I was 12. 

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