Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference Weekend

It was a full house at Janna and Jeff's! Jeni, Cameron, and Callie came down, and so did Mark, Summer and their three little kids. Mark helped them build an AWESOME deck out back! They worked on it all weekend during and in between conference sessions. They even watched a big football game through the windows while they worked in the afternoon. Boys.. sheesh!
Tanner was just keeping my feet warm while I took notes. I think he likes me now.
We love conference - I had been praying to hear a few things in particular, and of course, we heard exactly what we needed to hear. It's funny how much I enjoy conference now that I'm older. I can't wait for it to roll around, and not just for the yummy treats and snacks! But you better believe we had some of that, too! I have been using my new camera a ton and love taking pictures of anything and everything! Even the pooches. And poor Oscar.. you can really see his sick shoulder lately :(
We made thEE most beautiful carmel apples. And then staged them for pictures, duh. Callie loved the apples too! And we loved taking her picture. We can't get enough of that girl lately! SO grateful for modern day revelation, and for awesome family!

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