Thursday, December 10, 2015

12-15 Months

He's on the move, folks!!! We love him soo much. He's constantly making us crack UP!! Almost every single night... before we get in bed... Jaren and I peek at his monitor to see his sleeping body is his tiny crib and say, "He's so cute." 
NOT KIDDING!! We adore our little man. 

- 9.15 full blown walking! Like a 6 foot stretch!
- 14 months! gets his sippy cup from the high chair. Just knows where it is!! Haha
- he signs sooo well! For toys from other kids, milk at the grocery store, so smart!!!
- says punkapunkapunka for pumpkin
- still never says mom...
- loves playing with Molly!!! They are bffs
- nov 2, made his very first basket!!! Loved it and did it over and over again.
- takes Molly's bed and sits in it to read books
- he loves balls!! Says ball all the time.
- says blankets
- 11.10 gives kisses on command
- says night night
- blows kisses
- tries to copy you!! Snapped his fingers cuz Alli did
- got his first REAL haircut
- loves to dance!!! And be silly
- hardly ever messes with the Christmas tree
- he now yells at us in the morning so we come get him haha
- he's really good at saying "no way!"
- getting his 1 yr molars and is such a little turd lately!! Grumpy central. I'm hoping this is just a phase and he goes back to being the sweet, good eater he once was!!
- had his first "spicy food" experience. So sad!! Grabbed his tongue and wanted me to get him out of his high chair! Gave him milk and applesauce and he was fine, but I felt so bad!! Haha
- plays bball soooooo much!! He is always walking around the house palming a ball.
- On the night before he turned 15 months, I took away his bottles for GOOD! They're gone. He's officially a grown up now. haha.

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